It’s a website partner of, aims to deliver the most affordable office supplies for small business to medium and large companies worldwide. Show casing hard to find office supplies and equipments including office machines. Specialized on shredders, whiteboards, money detectors, and it’s an improved listing including office chairs and tables.

Best Sellers


Ring Binders
Desc: Sizes - 3 Ring, A4, Short, Long, Lamination, Diff. Colors.

RingBinder 3 Rings Flexible Cover
Arch Files
Desc: Sizes - 2 Ring, A4, Long, Lamination, Diff. Colors.
Arch File
Copy Papers
Desc: 500s per ream, Ivory White, Short, A4, Long, Substances 20 & 24.
HP Copy Paper
Printer Inks and Toners
Desc: HP, Canon, Brother, Epson, Fullmark, Colored, Black, All models.
Fullmark Fax Film Ribbons

Company Background

Without exceptions, Officesuppliesph is surely a promising private Filipino company. We deliver affordable office supply demands and commodities. Delivering office supplies locally on time, securely and with a free delivery surely makes it acceptable for all types of industry.

Founded in 2001, we are one of the Manila’s largest sellers of office equipments and supplies. We cover all types of industries; banks, law firms, manufacturing industries, information technology firms, fast food and more. We are committed to continuously source and produce new products that are of good quality at competitive prices.

We provide the following products in different brands, colors, sizes and kinds.
Adding Machine ribbon and tapes, Address Books, Alcohols and Moisturizers, Arch Files, Ball pens, Batteries, Board Illustration, Calculators, Calling Card Albums and Cases, Carbon Papers, Cartolinas, Cash Boxes, CD Recordable, CD rewritable, Chalks, Clear books, Clear Sheet Protectors, Clipboards and Clips, Columnar Notebooks and Pads, Compass, Computer forms, Corkboards, Correction Fluids, Correction Pens, Correction Tape, Cutting Boards and Blades, Desk Organizers, Diskettes, Envelopes, Erasers, Fasteners, Fax Films, File dividers, Folders and Folder Jackets, Glue gel and stick, Highlighters, Index box, Index cards, Index tabs, Ink Marking, Ink Mimeo, Ink stamp pad, Ink whiteboard, Intermediate Pad, Laminating Film Plastic, Magazine Boxes, Marking Pens/ Pentel Pens, Masking Tapes, Mighty Bonds, Mimeo Paper, Monitor Glass Filter, Mouse and Mouse Pads, Notebooks, Onion Skin Paper, Packaging tapes and Dispensers, Pens, Pencil and Pencil lead, Post-it Note, Protractor, Punchers, Push Pins, Record Books, Ring Binder, Rubber Bands, Rulers, Scissors, Sharpeners, Stapler wires and removers, Stencil paper, Steno Notebooks, Stickrite Label, Tape scotch and Dispenser, Thumbtacks, Timecards, Tissue Papers, Tracing Paper(gateway), Transparency Films, Transparency Pen, Tray Metal, Tray Plastic, Trash Bin, Triangle, Twine Plastic, Typewriter ribbon, Voucher, Whiteboard magnets and Markers, Whiteboard Magnetic, Whiteboard Marker, Yellow Pad and more.

Customer Satisfaction, a term often used but seldom met, is a goal we work hardest and aim to consistently achieve by working hand-in-hand with the clients. We give impeccable service through after-sales support. We do not sell products alone but provide a total pro-customer package. Within the package, we stay in contact with customers on a regular basis. Having our own website to keep the members up to date and solve customer complaints quickly and completely. Answer all e-mail and phone calls within a few hours. In denouement we ensure customer connection and satisfaction.